We now install Water Leak Detection Valves!

As of mid-2023, some insurance companies are requiring water leak detection valves for home insurance policies. Smart water and smart leak detection systems do vary with each home, so its best to schedule a free quote for your particular required smart water device with us.

There are four types of water leak detector currently on the market as of 2023, they are:

  • Smart leak detectors – These detectors will sense a continued water leak in your water line.
  • Smart water monitors – These will monitor any leaks as well as continued water usage for your home.
  • Smart water shut off valves – These will shut off the water at your meter if a leak is detected, or you can remotely shut off the water to your home when away.
  • Freeze detectors – Not common in Southern California, but these will sense when your plumbing is about to freeze. Common for Big Bear area and San Bernardino mountain range homes.

Before calling to schedule a free inspection, please have a copy of the request from your insurance company and the exact model and brand of product the insurance company is requesting. Some installation are easy and inexpensive, some are not.